Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mint and Coral

Sorry I have been blog-less lately. I have been feverishly working on Allie's book - her adventures in 2011, that has taken all my free time and gusto for writing and photo taking. Even though I am in the throws of this big project, I wanted to post about another recently completed project and my latest design adventure - our new downstairs guest room.

This has been an in-progress project for almost 3 months as things have slowly come together. We totally love the finished space though and refreshing color palette. Lately I have been in love with mint and coral. So delicious. Check out these gorgeous images I found on Pinterest.

These totally inspired the look in our new space. I say it's finished... no room is actually ever finished. :) I am sure I will add some small accessories and maybe a pendant fixture... when I come across something I love. For now, here's the room in all it's new loveliness. Since the room is teeny tiny (barely 10 x 10), I wanted it to feel as grand as possible while maintaining a cozy quality.

The bed is a tufted wingback bed in white velvet. I love this bed style. It's unique yet classic. I actually found this steal on Amazon... shocking!

Tufted details
The crisp white duvet linens are finished with custom throw pillows made using Caitlin Wilson Textiles. LOVE THESE FABRICS. Ahh. So luxurious.

It's hard to tell, but they actually have gold thread in them that give a nice sheen and sparkle.
Above the bed is a rockstar vintage mirror Zach found at a local shop. Can my guy shop or what?!
I found the solid wood side tables at Kmart (another shocker) and repainted them coral.

I replaced the drawer pull with a peach colored glass one I found at Anthropologie for $3.
The tables are topped with lamps, a vintage-style tea cup, and fresh flowers.

Lastly, the window drapery (slightly pictured in the first photo) flowing from ceiling to floor is a light green silk. I love silk drapery and am a huge user of 95" panels in a standard height space. It adds so much volume and structure to something small and basic.

We love this room so much we've actually stayed down here ourselves a few nights. Ha!

Now that this is done, it's on to my next home project- the finishing touches on our cozy bedroom. Coming soon!


  1. What color is the wall? Icy blue color

  2. I also would love to know the name of the minty colored wall.

  3. It's called "Maggie's Magic" (Olympic brand). Sorry for the delay, just saw these comments!