Friday, January 20, 2012

Fashion and Fur

I have always loved fashion. For me (and Z), dressing is a creative activity full of fun and personal expression. In a previous life, this love for clothing and accessories was quite overwhelming and unhealthy. In contrast, my current stage of life- defined by teaching preschoolers in an art studio and a much emptier pocket, doesn't fuel my fashion-loving spirit like it use to. It's not dead, don't get me wrong, it's just not... thriving like it once was. I'm not always looking at products online, I'm not spending gobs of time planning outfits for photoshoots. It's just not on my agenda. Well, not until I found  Atlantic-Pacific, the most captivating fashion blog I've come across in a long time.

I don't know who this girl is and if all these clothes actually belong to her (which would be insane), but I am seriously obsessed with this girl's style. Love that she posts her sources and surprise- they aren't all couture!

This is what I want to grow up to be.  This is how I want to look. Totally unique and sophisticated. I wonder if I'll ever get there.... :)

The only thing better than looking at Atlantic-Pacific's fabulous fashion, is looking at her fabulous fashion with my favorite furry friend in the world, Boo.

Z and I discovered Boo month's back in an Urban Outfitters book and our life has never been the same. This dog is ridiculously adorable. You can seriously buy a book about Boo and see him in some of his favorite costumes. (Ridiculous yet absolutely fantastic.)

I love how there is no defintion between his legs and paws. Ha! If Zach wasn't so allergic to animals I might be tempted to get a Boo-like pup and name him Marzipan (because I've always wanted to name something Marzipan and...) because he's so darn sweet!

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