Monday, January 23, 2012

31 and Thriving

Happy 31st birthday to my sweet, loving, selfless, hilarious, talented, rockstar husband! I am so beyond humbled and overjoyed to do life with you- my best friend, the man beyond my dreams, one of God's most prized. (I know God doesn't play favorites, but if he did I know Zach would be towards the top of the heap! Ha!) Seriously though, I am so painfully proud of you and how God is using your life for His glory. You are an incredible husband and father and one day with you is better than a million with anyone else!

(some of my favorite pics from this year)

It's incredible to see all God has done since your 30th birthday -how he has molded you, matured you, impassioned you, and equipped you to do His work in new and exciting ways. I can't wait to see what this next year holds! I hope you enjoy your special day and know that you are loved something fierce! :) Muah! :)