Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Weekend Away

Since Zach and I are both in ministry, we rarely get a weekend off. This year, all of our off weekends have been spent celebrating the weddings of some of our dear friends. This past weekend was no exception as we headed to Atlanta for Travis and Jackie's wedding. (If you remember, I did their engagement photos back in the summer. You can check them out here.)

Anyways, Zach and I were planning to go down Friday, but Zach surprised me with a special night in Atlanta on Thursday. He booked us a room at Twelve, a nice hotel over in Atlantic Station.

Christmas lights in Atlantic Station.
Here's Z playing guitar in our hotel living room. We liked the concrete ceilings and urban details of the extremely spacious guest room.
If you ever need to stay at a hotel in Atlanta with a full kitchen, Twelve is it.
Here's our view by day

and by night

For Thursday night, Zach made dinner reservations at a place he's been talking about taking me to for ages - Bones.

Us getting ready for our fancy dinner

I didn't order any, but I HAD to take a pic of the wine list since it was presented on an ipad. Crazy!

Zach of course got a steak
And I got the most delicious scallops.
I can't forget about the scrumptious sides - grit fritters and crispy hashbrowns

Zach and I love Coke Zero, but Zach couldn't resist ordering a REAL coke. What a treat :)
It was a fabulous dinner and I am so thankful for a thoughtful husband who treated me to such a fun night. Even though we were crazy full from dinner, we couldn't help picking up a late night dessert from Publix. I miss this grocery store and especially their chocolate chip cookies.
On Friday Zach and I did some Christmas shopping and then went to one of our all-time favorite spots - Highland Bakery. I've written about it many times.

Back to Coke Zero :)
Chicken chili
Best sandwich ever - turkey mediterranean 
After lunch we of course went to see Phil and Lisa and get our hair cut! I love this shot of Zach... the cape makes him look like Batman!

Fresh cut. Ah... my hair is home at Studio Philisa. Love you Lisa and Phil!
Our Friday night hotel was our fav, The Glenn. Yes, we ended up staying at a different hotel every night we were in town and yes, this sorta stunk... all the packing and unpacking, but I was happy we got to stay here at least one night.
The sky lounge at our hotel with a lovely view
Us in the elevator

For dinner Friday we went to one of the coziest places in town, Carroll Street Cafe. This place is so dark and warm I can barely take pictures inside. :)
And Friday late night was spent at Sound Table with our good pal Nathan A and his lovely lady Lindsay.
Saturday (aka Greene wedding day) started out with a fantastic lunch with my good friend Jen and her boyfriend Doug at Flip Burger, one of Richard Blais's restaurants. This burger boutique is totally fab.
Love you Jen!
I was SUPER excited to bring Zach here for the first time since it's awwwwsome.
Cool frames around flat panel screens
Our lunch was divine. I got a turkey burger with sprouts and pomegranate ketchup
and Zach got the most incredible burger ever. It was called the turducken burger and it tasted like what Thanksgiving food would taste like in heaven. :)
Jen and Doug
Thanks for meeting us J & D! We miss you guys and can't wait to hang out again soon!
Now onto the wedding coverage. :) Since Zach was scheduled to play the cocktail hour at the wedding and I was helping out the videographer, I didn't get a ton of photos. I am super excited though to see how the video comes out since this was the first time I have ever worked on a legit video project. Totally loved shooting with a Canon 5D. Oh a girl can dream... :)

The wedding and reception was held at the Ritz Carlton downtown

Cocktail hour (sad I don't have a pic of Zach during this, but I was shooting video)
Our table assignment

At the reception
Most interesting salad presentation I've ever seen
Salmon and chicken
Coffee and cake

Also, very creative wedding favor - sparkling grape juice with personalized label

Congrats Travis and Jackie! We love you guys!
After the wedding we went to our 3rd hotel, the Marriott downtown near the wedding venue.

Here we are 31 floors up
Thank goodness it wasn't too far away because my feet were killing me! Note to self: never wear heels when planning to shoot video. Never. Not even when they are super cute.
On Sunday, Zach and I rounded out our time in Atlanta with a little more shopping and a little more eating. We went to another fav, Treehouse, for brunch.
There is no better hummus than Treehouse's tequlia lime hummus.
Z's burrito and potatoes
We also stopped by a local cupcakery for a sweet treat on our way out of town.

A trip to Buckhead wouldn't be complete without a drive past our favorite house. We adore this sweet house that sits quaintly across from a romantic duck pond. You can't tell in the picture (due to all the sunlight), but it's got the coolest crumbly brick texture, ivy growing over the entrance, and old paned windows. So cozy! We love you house!
Thanks for a fun time Atlanta and congrats again Travis and Jackie!

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