Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sweet Simple Salad

Sorry I have been dropping the ball with my recipes lately. Zach and I did a detox for a few days that really got me out of my cooking/ experimenting routine! We have been tearing up this new salad recipe though and we are slightly obsessed with it. Ha! Thanks Heidi C. for introducing us to it back in October! I have made slight modifications to what we had originally to make it more of an entree and less of a side.

Grilled chicken salad with fruit and pear champagne dressing

- romaine lettuce
- dried cherries
- mandarin oranges
- crumbled feta
- sliced almonds, toasted and drizzled in honey
- grilled chicken, sliced
- croutons
- Trader Joe's pear champagne dressing with gorgonzola

1. Mix lettuce, cherries, oranges, feta, almonds, croutons, and dressing in bowl. Add chicken to lightly coat. Serve immediately.


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