Saturday, December 24, 2011

Spoiled by Sausage

My husband spoils me. I am blessed. And this is amazing... at least to me!

Last Monday night Zach and I had a holiday party with some of our friends here in Charlotte. The party started at 5:30 and since my work day typically doesn't end until 6, I was stressed. I needed/wanted to take something scrumptious and home-made to this party, but I also didn't want to be an hour late. I had planned to leave work around 5 so I could get home and start preparing my appetizer (sausage balls) and wrap our gift for the gift exchange, but I ended up getting home closer to 5:30. As I walked in the door, completely overwhelmed and stressed with the inevitable night ahead of me (racing around like a crazy person, trying to get everything done and get to our friends) I found this:


Yes. Already made delicious sausage balls beautifully arranged on a platter and delicately covered in plastic wrap so nothing got squished.

I was shocked. I asked Z where they came from and he said he had made them. (Side note: Zach makes nothing. Ok, well correction, Zach makes breakfast food - eggs, pancakes, etc. He doesn't cook and usually even his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches come out sad looking. Ha!) Perplexed and bewildered I starting asking questions and apparently he had gone online, found a Paula Dean recipe, asked two ladies at church for advice on if/how he could make them (ha!) and then went home early to make sure he had enough time to get it done.

Are you kidding me?! On top of that, when I asked where the toothpicks had come from (since I didn't buy that supply), he said he went to the store and got some because, and I quote, "I know presentation is important to you."


This moment, and the lengths Zach went to serve me, overwhelmed my heart. Seriously?! I love my husband! As I got ready and wrapped the gifts, Zach packed the car so everything was ready as soon as I was. We ended up having a stress-free blast at our friends house and even left with this hilarious white elephant gift.

(What's funny about this gift is that the friends we got it from are the Simpsons. Ha! Clever.)

Thank you Zach for serving me in such a huge way. I still can't believe you made them for me. You're the best EVER and you can do anything you put your mind to. You're my sausage ball hero!

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