Thursday, December 8, 2011

Favorite things - Holiday Gift Edition!

So you won't see any cars or vacations like Oprah's Favorite Things, but here are some of my favorite things and some unique and special gift ideas for the holidays! Oh yeah, and they are all online! I heart online shopping. :)

1. Egyptian cotton sheets
Zach and I found these o-mazing sheets a few months back on Amazon and they are awesome! 1500 thread count egyptian cotton and only $46.00! That's right, they are something like... 88% OFF on Amazon (originally almost $380). The written reviews on Amazon are mixed due to how thin the sheets are, but we love light sheets like this and they feel like butter. They also wash well and come out of the dryer virtually wrinkle-less! I totally want to get these for every bed in our house!

2. Wolfermans english muffins, breads, and spreads
I got this gift from a friend last year and LOVED it! So delicious and unexpected!

3. House cleaning gift card
Who doesn't love someone else cleaning their house? Whether you are young and single, married with kiddos, or retired and livin the high life, everyone loves someone else doing the dirty work. :)

4. Lenora Dame jewelry

Totally love this jewelry, especially the romantic collection. Lovely and unique for someone who loves out of the ordinary accessories.

5. itunes gift card
Download music, rent movies, listen to podcasts... the options are virtually limitless with an itunes gift card. Not exactly the most unique thing ever, but still totally useable. Love. It.

6. Anything from Rifle Paper Co.
Stationery, cards, coasters and more...all things paper are all things delicious if it comes from RPC. Love their style and detail. You can even have cards personalized and hand-painted too!

7. Magazine subscriptions
For me, magazines are something special, something extra I don't typically spend money on... so it's extra special when I get a year's subscription for free! Cooking Light, National Geographic, Martha Stewart, Vogue... there's magazines out there for every interest and it's a nice, unexpected treat that comes once a month!

Good luck friends with all your gift purchasing this holiday season! I know it can be stressful, but online shopping sure does make life a little easier. :)

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