Saturday, December 3, 2011

Diamond in the Junk

I hate junk mail. We get a (excuse me) crap ton of it in our mail box and that's exactly what it is...waste. Tons of catalogs and mailers... tons of papers and ads we never look at and dread throwing away due to the wastefulness of it. But last week there was a diamond in the rough, a diamond in the junk if you will, because we received our World Vision Gift Catalog.


I heart this catalog in a major way because it allows you to give gifts to people all over the world, really fun gifts that you've never dreamed of being able to give before... and to people who really need it. For me, it's the ultimate way of spreading Christmas cheer and I can't wait for our family to decide what we are giving this year.

Check it out...
Give 5 ducks for only $30.
A sheep and other animals like goats, chickens, cows, etc.
Dig a well and provide clean water to people who need it
Equip people to learn valuable skills by providing tools like sewing machines
Or provide education and medical needs for children and families all over the world
There are so many ways to give at a wide variety of price points. You've simply got to check it out and see for yourself! Help make a difference and meet the needs of our global community.

See the impact of the Gift Catalog here!
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Merry Christmas and happy-giving!

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