Sunday, December 11, 2011

December Deets

Our December busyness is rapidly picking up speed as Christmas gets closer. I figured I'd just do a bulk update on the details from the last week or so - Christmas parties, service projects, new music, home improvement projects, etc.

I have been working on our downstairs bedroom and bathroom for about 6 weeks now... slowly working on it obviously! It's a small area. Ha! This room was originally an office, then became my brother-in-laws bed/bath for about 2ish months, and then became my next project. Zach and I have people over pretty often and we wanted to have more beds for more guests, especially as more family come to visit during the holidays. Our upstairs is mostly complete with our room, Allie's room, and another guest room.

Our new downstairs bedroom is a mint and coral color scheme which I am totally obsessed with. Love it! So fresh. I recently stumbled across a new textile company called Caitlyn Wilson Textiles. I loved the patterns and high-end textures without a super duper high-end price (they are still a bit pricey, but good for an accent here or there). I ordered some fabric to have one of my seamstresses (umm... my big sister since my mom is already sewing the new silk drapery in our living room. Boy do I know how to put my family to work! Ha! Thanks mom and Lindsay for doing this for me and not making me suffer through making them myself. I am a dreadful seamstress... probably because I've never had the patience to actually work on becoming good at it.) Anyways, all that to say, I can't wait to see the pillows in these lovely fabrics...
I also painted two adorable bedside tables. The tables were on sale at Kmart (yes I said Kmart. I never ever shop here, but I found these solid wood oval top, single drawer, vintage-style tables online and I love them!) and they look awesome in the room. Can't wait until the space is finished!
Oh yeah, and if you like that totally fab wingback white velvet tufted bed, I got it off Amazon. Yes, this is true and besides the assembly instructions being horrendous, the bed is awesome and at an amazing price.

A lot of times I work on stuff at the house on Fridays since Zach and I both have Fridays off. Even though we both work over the weekend, it is such a blessing to have the same schedule as your spouse. This week we spent our off day sleeping in, making a scrumptious brunch, and watching a Christmas movie. I love time with my man and I am so thankful I get a plethora of it.
Zach and I also went and saw the new movie "Hugo" in 3d.
It was a good, family-friendly film directed by Martin Scorsese and set in Paris during the early 1900s. It is loosely based off the life of turn-of-the-century pioneer filmmaker Georges Méliès.

As for holiday get-togethers, Z and I had one holiday party last week, one coming up this week and one the week after. Love Christmas time with friends, family, and co-workers! Last week's was our all staff Christmas party. Z and I had fun "puttin on the Ritz" and hanging out with some of our favorite people!

He's adorable.
The pretty tree at the party/ host home
Z playing a really rare, boutique guitar
Thanks FHC for a fun night :)
This weekend was the big Christmas Village Toy Store collection week
and goodie box making service project for our elementary schoolers.
All the kids spent their time baking cookies, making cocoa cones, holiday chex mix, and decorating the goodie boxes with scripture, stickers, and ribbons.

Cocoa cone station

These 1100 goodie boxes will be given out to families who shop at the Christmas Village Toy Store. A big thanks to the ladies on our team who pulled off this huge undertaking. It was a great project for our kids and great way to serve the less fortunate in Charlotte!

Zach and I have also been enjoying some new Christmas music - Phil Wickham's Songs for Christmas and Chris August's Jesus, Savior. Totally worth getting and adding to your Christmas playlist.

I heart the holidays!

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