Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We spent our Halloween this year celebrating our friend Taylor's 28th birthday. It was super fun to celebrate his birth while hanging out with great friends and greeting trick-or-treaters!

Sadly, I didn't get a single photo of the birthday boy, except for this one of him (in black and almost out of the shot!) and his awesome wife Ashley... and one holy cow. Nice costume Ryan! :)
In addition to cake we had a lot of other delicious food

And of course the candy bowl for trick-or-treaters
Halloween isn't Halloween without some festive costumes and we certainly had some cute ones at Taylor's party!

The sleeping dragon
Could Carson be any more adorable?!
The Wells family!
My best pals, Bethany and Ashley

And of course, a Taylorween party wouldn't be a Taylorween party without AG dressed up as Piglet. The only thing cuter than her in this costume was watching her actually try to walk around in this costume.
Gansta Piglet - one pant leg up, one pig ear down

Playing in the leaves

Happy Birthday Taylor! We love you and your family and are so grateful for your friendship!

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