Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Moments

Our weekend with Al was super quick, but we certainly know how to make the most of it! In addition to her costume party, here's a glimpse into our latest adventures with Allie.

As previously mentioned we do custom birthday shirts every year for her birthday. Here's me and Z sporting our Allie tees.

Z, the "big bear" due to his beard, with this little bear at dinner

Al's friend Emma made her a beautiful feather headdress she wore to lunch Sunday

At Allie's favorite place. This girl loves her some chicken fried rice!

Adorable message to Zach from Allie written in his office. I love her strategy..."jet with ipad works best." :)
We also took Allie shopping so she could contribute to the Christmas Village Toy Store in December. Our church partners with this ministry who's goal is "to provide a "hand up" for Charlotte families who want to purchase affordable new toys for their families at Christmas." It's all about providing joy and dignity at Christmas instead of just hand outs.

Since Allie got a good chunk of change for her birthday we challenged her to spend some of it on toys for the CV toy store. Here she is in Target with her donation.
We love this growing-up girl and can't wait to see her again soon!

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