Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This past weekend we celebrated Allie's 11th birthday with a costume party at our house. I'm fairly inexperienced with birthday party throwing so this special occasion definitely taught me some valuable lessons I will keep in mind for the future!

1. Plan ahead. I knew I wanted to make a lot of unique party decor and I thought I gave myself plenty of time, but I unfortunately did not. This left me with a serious backache after I sat on the floor for over 2 hours sewing buttons on a birthday banner last Thursday night. Blast.

2. Don't try new recipes. Since I love to cook I of course wanted the menu to be totally scrumptious and full of Allie's favorite things. In doing so, I bit off a bit more than I could chew and tried 3 or 4 new recipes. This resulted in at least 10 hours of baking and a last minute trip to Starbucks for cake pops to replace the ones I tried to make from scratch (full disclosure :)). Thanks Z for being my hero on this one and coming to my rescue even though I hated to have to buy something pre-made.

3. You can throw a really fabulous party quite inexpensively if you have lots and lots of time and some good resources. Time is definitely the key factor and something I didn't fully consider in lieu of my job and other responsibilities. This left me working on party stuff most nights to get everything prepped and ready.

4. Get help. I guess I thought I was super woman or something, but boy was I wrong. :) In order to pull off fabulous fresh food, a clean house, a costume for yourself, and gorgeous party pics, you gotta have help... and it's ok to ask for it. A big thanks to my man Z for all his help and also Margot and Ryan for letting me run and take pics while you finished up the little smokies!

Even though I learned a few hard lessons, the party was great and I think everyone had a blast. The most important thing was that Allie felt special and got to hang out with her friends and those who love her most! My original plan was to have the party in our backyard, but due to weather and low temps it had to be moved inside. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the costume party...

Invitation and envelop with bird motif, designed and printed at home on card stock
Rosie the cockatiel in the vintage bird cage (Thanks Mr. Bill for letting us borrow your birdie for the weekend! Allie loved her!)
Each year we create a custom birthday t-shirt for Allie's birthday, two for Z and I that say "Happy Birthday Allie" and one for her that says "Happy Birthday Me". Per Allie's request, this year it was island themed. Here's Al in her tee with Rosie perched on her shoulder.
Birthday banner I made with fabric, felt, twine, yarn, and vintage buttons, all items I already had in my craft arsenal
The food table was dressed with a natural woven table cloth, turquoise runner, yellow daisies and mums in old glass bottles, and glass jars surrounded by moss and filled with white candles.

Individual servings of mac-n-cheese (best mac-n-cheese recipe ever!)
Who doesn't love little smokies?

Cookies-n-cream brownies, Allie's fav
Cake pops in moss-covered stand I made
Party guests were able to draw self-portraits of their character in a variety of vintage frame styles
Vintage suitcase full of costumes
Best pic ever.
Me as Amelia Earhart
Allie the French princess
Goodie bags filled with cinnamon roll cookies

For all the fabulous party pics and to see the awesome costumes of some of our party guests, please visit Urban Cotton!

Happy Birthday Allie girl! We love you so much!

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  1. This should be featured in a magazine! So beautiful and special!