Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dinner Date Delight

So last week Zach and I both had work trips - mine to Lake James, NC and Z went to Houston, TX. We dread times apart so we made sure to have a special date night while we were both in town.

I am the type of person who loves to get dressed up for events or special occasions. These opportunities are much more few and far between than they use to be, but I am grateful Z and I can throw on some nice threads and head out to dinner or an event on occasion.

I also love my husband serenading me while I get ready in the bathroom. :) He's not intentionally serenading me, just doing his normal thing - playing and singing through the house, but I love it. I hope I always remember to pay attention to these moments and treasure them. I know not everyone's husband does this. Ha!

Z outside the bathroom while I curl my hair

This week we decided to go to Bonefish, a restaurant I always forget about, but totally love.
We aren't big chain restaurant people, but Bonefish manages quality and uniqueness while still being a national establishment. One thing that wins me over is the bread. I love restaurants that provide really good complimentary bread.

I also love the bang bang shrimp appetizer. Totally scrumptious and spicy.
Our favorite entree is Lily's chicken - grilled chicken served with spinach, artichokes, and goat cheese.
Even though I'm not a big fan of beards, there is no denying my husband is a hottie. I. Am. Lucky.
Us after dinner
Thanks so much for taking me out Z. I love you so much and treasure every moment with you!

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