Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Trip

Last Thursday Zach and I took a quick trip to my family's mountain cabin in western North Carolina to relax and enjoy the fall foliage. Here's some pics from our trip...

On the drive I took this pic and then used a new art app to edit it. I love all the texture and color brought out in the leaves.
After we arrived Thursday night we went to one of our favorite local spots, Maggie's Galley.
Maggie's Galley is a really unique restaurant made from six pre-Civil War cabins found in the western North Carolina/ eastern Tennessee region.

We love this place.
We normally get the alligator appetizer, but sadly there was no alligator to be found. Apparently alligator meat is quite scarce these days due to low demand for the skin. They won't continue killing alligator just for the meat when no one is using the skin to make clothing and accessories. Instead of that tasty treat we tried the catfish fingers and they were super delish, light and fluffy, and served with the perfect dip -  jezebel sauce (whatever that is!).
As usual, I ordered the local NC rainbow trout with twice-baked potato, fresh veggies, and cripsy hush puppies.
Zach is at home in the mountains. He feels inspired and rejuvenated here.

Fall color

I took this one looking out from one of the windows of the gym while Z and I worked out with all the retirees. :)
Best part about working out mid-morning with old people? Watching the Price Is Right of course! :)
The Price Is Right always reminds me of my grandma, who use to watch this show everyday. I marvel at the fact that with the exception of Bob Barker, this show is almost identical to how I remember it from watching it at her house during my childhood.

For lunch on Friday we tried a new place in Waynesville called Panacea. The restaurant is set in an old warehouse and utilizes the old brick and concrete floors to create a super cozy space.

Inset menu behind the counter
Cool tree table
I got the Dixie Chicken sandwich which sadly, was an epic fail.
You see I hate celery and this sandwich had celery seeds in it... which I thought would be less flavorful than celery itself, but I now know it is way, waaay worse than actual celery in a sandwich. Ick! But Zach's Scarlet Begonia sandwich was totally scrumptious so I'm not giving up on Panacea yet. :)
I also discovered my love of hot chocolate and lattes can converge into something truly glorious - the mocha. This drink was the jam.
After lunch Z and I spent the afternoon shopping around downtown Waynesville and found some pretty interesting things.
Handmade soap with bike design
Zach loves these antler chandeliers
Big comfy chair
We also visited a dog bakery. Yes you heard me correctly. A store completely devoted to cooking special treats for your canine companion. I find this fascinating... and funny.
Bone buffet
Lindsay Keller, consider it a real act of love that I did NOT buy Bella one of these giant hooves.
Friday night dinner was probably the highlight of our trip and was spent at the incredibly lovely Frog's Leap Public House in Waynesville.

Zach and I have eaten at a ton of nice places, but this was definitely one of our most favorite meals ever.
Cheese plate with honeyed preserves
Mini biscuit and corn bread with sweet potato butter

The yummiest chicken with potato au gratin
No this is not a donut, but squash served with a cinnamon butter. O-mazing.
After dinner coffee
Love love love LOVE Frog's Leap and our quick getaway to the mountains!
Next big trip is Florida for Thanksgiving!

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