Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Last of Life

Another bulk update on last week! Instagram style of course :)

On Sunday I helped take some photos for Advance, our student ministry at FHC. They were doing a fun photo booth on a green-screen backdrop so they could create unique and funny photos. I can't wait to see some of the finished pics!

Zach, being the awesome husband that he is, ran to the store one night for Oh's, my favorite cereal of all time. Can't get enough of this cereal and my husband's love.
I also bought some pretty sunflowers from Trader Joe's to brighten up the house. They have now found a home in Allie's room and I think she is enjoying them. :)
Zach and I have Fridays off since we work Saturdays and Sundays. I know it's technically our sabbath, and I try to chill and enjoy it, but I'm such a busy bee. I always want to use my off day to clean the house, do laundry, pay bills, etc. and get our life in order. This Friday, Zach was traveling to get Allie and he encouraged me to sit down, stop cleaning :), and read some of Radical,  a book he has been reading by David Platt. Radical was given to our entire staff months ago and I've intended to read it, but never gotten around to it. Due to Zach's request, I did just that. I put the vacuum down and sat out on our porch to enjoy the fall weather and read this book.

I'm really glad I did and can't wait until I have another chance to resume reading. Wow, what a book. A book review is definitely in shellyandzach.blogspot.com's future. :)

That evening, we celebrated Allie's arrival in Charlotte with 9 our dearest friends. I am disappointed I didn't take more photos, but here are a few. I've also got to remember to take pictures of adults and not just children! :)

Adorable Miles playing on the porch

Awesome pic of Al pushing Miles in the swing
Brownie pie I made for the occasion
Z and Al with the exact same expression. Hilarious. They are so alike in a myriad of ways.
Stay tuned for more fun times from us. This week is fall break and action-packed! :)

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