Monday, October 10, 2011

I Have a Design Dream

Well, to be accurate, I actually have many dreams - hopes and goals for our life and family and passions, but one in particular is rising to the top today.

For over a year I've had a goal of starting a design blog for all you "design lover/ haters" out there. I say lover/haters because many people have a love- hate relationship with good design. And you know who you are. (You're the ones who always ask me for help! Ha!)

You love design, search for design, long for design in your home and everyday life, but you end up trapped in the "land of design frustration" because you don't know how to make it happen - what to do, where to shop, and how to translate a design idea you have or saw in a magazine into your very own.

This is super hard for the financially-challenged shopper which to be honest is most of us here. It's a small percentage of people who can hire high end designers and buy $12,000 sofas and design all custom finishes and furniture that look absolutely divine. And no, I'm not condoning spending $12,000 on a sofa, but it happens. Shocker.

Most of us are financially limited to off-the-shelf products - things that are mass produced and stocked in national stores. This isn't a terrible thing, but it does make creating truly unique interiors difficult for the average Joe or Jane looking for something special AND affordable.

And that's where I come in. As an experienced interior designer (and shopper!) I want to help all you lover/haters destroy your frustration and pull off really spectacular spaces all on your very own.

Over the past year I've involved a few web designers to design a custom website for this purpose as well as just sharing all things design - art, photography, fashion and music, but this project has always gotten shuffled to the bottom of my to-do list. As much as I'd love for this to be up and running already and dousing the blogosphere with design guidance, it's just not possible with the current demands on my schedule.

Because of this I've decided to just start blogging about design topics here on Citizens. It won't be everyday, but hopefully at least once a week to just get things going and get you love/haters some real help asap. :)

I know this post is already overly wordy, so let's begin this design journey with a little encouragement. :)

There are many things - principles you might say, that people should know about designing a space. In my opinion, the most important one is to invest. Whenever possible, invest in your home furnishings (even if you have a truck load of kiddos scurrying about!). No, this doesn't mean buy expensive and impractical stuff because it looks nice. It just means don't buy crap because it's cheap or easy or you sort of like it. You always loose out in the long run in this equation.

Cheap products (unless it's a great Craigslist or consignment find) always looks cheap because it's made cheap. Corners are inevitably cut to enable it to be cheap whether its sacrifices in design, materials, or production.

Investing in your home doesn't equal expensive. It equals intentional. For most of us, designing a home portfolio is a long process, finding pieces and products you adore over a life time. It's a hunt, an exploration, a creative process that requires much patience and product-stalking. Ha! (Yes, sometimes you gotta hope and pray an item you want goes on mega sale and then snag it the moment it does. This is exactly how I plumped up my wardrobe with Anthropologie pieces:))

A home should tell your story the same way a photo album does. It's a part of who you are. This means you should buy things that mean something to you and are things you would want to use again and again and could use again and again.

So I guess what I am trying to say is, don't sweat it if you think your whole house looks terrible right now or you are currently standing in a heap of broken Ikea products. You can start building your home portfolio today, one intentional piece at a time, and it's ok if it takes awhile. It should. Things mean a lot more to us when we work for them. And then, when it's all said and done, you can truly appreciate what you've created that tells your story in a way you are really proud of.

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