Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fred the Pumpkin

Our family loves to name things. Anything really even if it already has a name. Our neighbor's dog is named Max, but we call him Georgie. Why? I don't know. It's just what Allie named him.

In Florida our porch was frequently visited by two lazy cats which we named Chester and Melvin. To our surprise we later found out Melvin was not a he, but a she so his name became Melvina.

My danty red and black Anthropologie salt and pepper shakers are named Sheryl and Paulette.
I bet you can guess which is salt and which is pepper. :) It's only on special occasions they join us at the table instead of our classic Crate and Barrel grinders, but we are thrilled when they do. They are such pleasant company.

Even the ceramic owl table lamps in our bedroom are named Agnes and Evanrude, Agnes on my side of course and Evan on Zach's.
It's a fun little game we love to play together that tempts us to have more children and pets and plants and objects just so we can name more things. Ha! (And no, we will never have any of these things for this reason. No worries. :)) Our fall jack-o-lantern is no exception to this and has been affectionately named Fred after the carving was complete.

Al with the plain pumpkin (the before pic)
Her design
Removing all the pumpkin gunk

Allie did the carving while I tended to the pot roast and other dinner items cooking. It was a little nerve-racking watching her with the knife, but she did a great job.
Holding onto the top

The after photo with a finished Fred!
Fred joined us for dinner and was a lovely guest.

We love you Fred! Thanks for making our home so cozy!

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