Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flaming Food

In addition to gold mining, pumpkin carving and a million other fun things, we took Allie to Kabuto, a Japanese steakhouse near our house. This was her very first time at a hibachi grill style restaurant and she totally loved it!

I love Japanese food and I love love love miso soup. I am going to learn how to make it because I swear I could live off this delicious broth!

And salad with ginger dressing
Veggies cooking
And of course the classic onion volcano :)

Al was mesmerized by the hibachi griller guy and all his tricks
Fried rice in the making, Allie's fav
A overflowing plate of chicken and fried rice

Al's plate

So I know this is sort of a terrible photo of us (Ha!), but it's the only one of all three of us from our exciting evening at Kabuto so I had to post it.

We love Japanese food!

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