Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Favorites

For me, there's no better season than fall. I adore fall more than any other season. I anticipate fall more than any other season. I love the feel of fall, the smell of fall, and the memories from high school and college those senses bring back from the recesses of my memory. I swear if fall were a drug, I'd be an addict. :)

I recently started a collection of "Fall Favorites" on Pinterest. Assorted delights I associate with the greatness of fall. :) Here are some of my favorites of the favorites.

I am really looking forward to busting out some of my favorite coats, hats, and scarves and giving my summer wardrobe a rest! I love this classic coat in that oh-so-rich and creamy butternut fall-ish color.

I rock boots year round, but there's something a little more exciting about wearing your boots with a scarf and jacket :)

Our household is addicted to apples. They are eaten everyday and I am dying to go to an apple orchard to stock up!

I also love love love apple cider...and even though I didn't think it was possible, I'd love it a tad more if I drank it out of this apple cup!

I love to bake year-round, but fall definitely turns me into a regular bakerella especially when it involves cinnamon, spice, and everything nice like these coffee cake muffins!
Pumpkin smore cake? Is this real life?!
Last fall when my brother-in-law worked for Krispy Kreme, I discovered a new found friend in pumpkin spice donuts. OMG. If you live by a KK go get one and enjoy it's deliciousness for me!

And hot chocolate. Oh how I love hot chocolate. It's so cozy and warm and just makes me feel all happy inside. Next party I throw will definitely have a hot chocolate bar like this one. 
And speaking of hot chocolate, my favorite fall activity happened just the other night when Zach and I cuddled up on our cozy porch with a cup of cocoa to just enjoy the arrival of fall and each other's company. It was hard to take pics in the dark, but I tried to snap a few. 

Cups and saucers

Zach, hot chocolate, and fall. Could I be any happier?! :) Oh how I love spending fall with my favorite person in the world! :)

For more fall favorites, check out my entire collection on Pinterest and get inspired to fall-ify your life!

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