Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bag tags

Today I needed to take a step away from all our family's recent adventures and share a awesome new Etsy find.

As many of you know I am a part of the creative team for Kids@FHC, Forest Hill's children's ministry. With that comes a lot of fun jobs like dramatic storytelling, creating larger than life large group environments, ordering RANDOM (but fantastic) items off Ebay like vintage diving helmets, steamer trunks, rolling library ladders, etc. and brand development and implementation of all our environments.

Our newest environment, The Exploratorium, is for elementary aged children and is all about exploring God's word - quite literally actually! On our full two-story set we have secret passageways, hidden treasures, a functional observatory, clues and codes to decipher, and much more all to help kids understand the bible and know Jesus personally. Really wish I had some photos of the space cause it's really cool. It's sorta like Dumbledore's office meets Indiana Jones meets Tony Stark's basement. :)

Part of this experience involves each life group (kids are broken up into age and gender appropriate life groups) having an adventure pack they bring to The Exploratorium for large group time. What's in the adventure pack you ask? :)

Adventure pack (canvas shoulder bag)

A vintage flash light equipped with morse code button :)

A metal compass

a bible, and any other transportable resources we need for that week's story and activities.

Anyways.... the point. I swear I am getting to one. Because we have so many life groups (about a 100 between all 3 campuses) and people transitioning from classrooms to the Exploratorium we needed to develop a luggage tag for each adventure pack. I did a lot of searching for custom tags and found nothing cool enough or customizable enough for the Exploratorium. Luckily, that's when I stumbled across Catherine on Etsy.

Catherine had a listing for some vintage-style decorative tags so I hit her up about doing a custom order. I sent her the artwork we wanted stamped on the tags and she handled everything from there. They turned out really fabulous and in my opinion were extremely affordable for such a custom handmade item. Each tag is tea-stained and hand-stamped. Check out the finished product.

The Exploratorium logo is half compass, half ship's wheel. We chose to leave the lettering off the stamp and just do the symbol for the tags.

Front of tag


Super awesome right?!

If you are looking for custom luggage tags or maybe some really unique and personal gift tags for the holidays I highly recommend Catherine Cureton on Etsy. She doesn't have a lot in her shop because most orders have private information on them (like name and address), but she is great to work with and produces quality stuff. She also is able to work with you on creating your artwork if you don't have something already created like I did. You can contact Catherine here through her Etsy shop.

Thanks so much Catherine for helping me and our ministry with this project! Best of luck to you on Etsy!

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