Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Whim on a Wednesday

So yesterday's "Zach is out of town and I am going to do something special" included a trip to Dean & Deluca. Oh I simultaneously love and hate this place. I love love love the beautifully arranged gourmet grocery items. I love the specialty ready-to-eat foods, fresh breads, and delicious treats behind sparkling glass counters and bright lights. I love the ambiance of D&D with it's sophisticated black and white decor and classical music. I do not however love the prices. Why oh why are you so stupidly expensive Dean & Deluca? Sigh.

Because of this little... financial inconvenience, Z and I have only been here two or so times. I decided to go back yesterday to stroll around the store and marvel at all the loveliness.

I drool over gourmet cheeses. They remind me of my former consulting days when I got to buy this stuff (and other fancy foods) to entertain clients! Love. It. Miss. It.
Honeycomb in a box.
Colored sugar. ?
Brownie bar. Umm yes please.
Cute cakes galore
Not edible, but I also love fancy soaps.
 Truffles = heaven in a box
 A counter and a buck
I ended up leaving with some INCREDIBLE crab dip (Z I know you are jealous!) and rotisserie chicken which is like a fancy chicken salad. It definitely made for a delish dinner.
Thanks for another great time Dean & Deluca. I'll be sure to visit you often once I win the lottery! HA!

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