Friday, September 9, 2011

The Theatre for Thursday

Aaand let the good times roll! :)

So last night I decided my special Thursday treat would be to go to the movies.

Before meeting Zach I use to LOVE going to the movies alone. When things were stressful at work or I just wanted to get my mind off things, the movie theatre was my form of therapy. Since Zach and I have been together I haven't gone to the movies alone because I always want to be with my man.

This week provided me a narrow opportunity to delight in this cinematic solitude I use to love so much. And it was just as relaxing and therapeutic as I remember. :) Since Zach has been away I haven't been sleeping well and my routine has been totally off. Ick. I have felt restless and weary. It was so nice though to leave the theatre feeling so refreshed after my two hours in movieland.

I also may or may not have given into temptation and savored some forbidden fruit while enjoying my movie. :)

Zach and I actually don't go to the movies much, but I had been wanting to see:

Ya know I've never wanted to visit Paris due to a traumatic layover experience back in 2002, but this movie totally changed my mind! Paris looked simply marvelous- full of soft light, warm colors, charming bistros and shops, and just... palpable perfection at every corner. It was as though every speck of Paris was covered in magic. I won't ruin the movie for those of you who haven't seen it, but the film opens with the most beautiful views of the city. Strangely enough I had my phone in my lap so I busted it out to try and capture some of the allure of Paris.

Oh Paris, how I hope to meet you one day and become lifelong friends! I just know your enchanting spirit would suit me. :)

And thanks Park Terrace for a fun night at the movies! It certainly was a fun Thursday night treat!

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