Monday, September 26, 2011

A Little Bit of Lately

I thought I'd throw up some pictures from the last week or so to give you guys a small taste of what we've been up to lately! I know the personal photos have been few and far between, but we've just been so busy!

Last week Zach and I attended the second week of Advance, our student worship service on Sunday nights. It was so awesome! I am so proud of our student ministry team and all the time and love they have put into preparing for this year. I'm so excited to see what this year holds for our FHC students!

On Friday Zach and I went mattress shopping. Our backs have been yelling at us for a few weeks now to get something a bit more supportive. Unfortunately we fell in love with a new (and expensive) memory foam one, but while we were doing our plush vs firm tests, I snapped this adorable picture of Zach. Even with a beard he is so handsome.

This weekend I was back in the Art Studio teaching the story of Moses and the Israelites to my preschool audience. Here's me rockin the Pharoah headdress I used to impersonate the mean king who made the Israelites make bricks all day! Is it just me or is it totally awesome my job involves fun costumes? :)
I was also able to sneak into the adult worship service and snap this photo of Zach leading worship. I am so proud of my husband and humbled to see how God is using us here in Charlotte for his glory alone.
This Sunday was also really unique because the President of Burundi was at FHC speaking. Here he is with his interpreter.
FHC has a focused passion for helping the people of Burundi and spreading the love of Jesus there. Our pastor has a special relationship with the leaders of this country and we were glad we could host them this weekend.

In addition, we passed out Mana packets. What's a mana packet you ask?
Headquartered here in NC, Mana is an organization committed to helping resolve the devastating effects of malnutrition around the world. These little packets of "ready to use therapeutic food" can be easily distributed to children on the brink of death and after a few weeks of regular consumption, revived to normal nutritive levels. In addition to handing them out in our adult service, we also gave them out to our elementary-aged kids so they could experience what a good, nutritious meal is for most the children in the world. It's definitely an eye-opening experience for most of them and adults too!

Lastly, on my stroll back to the house today I noticed the first few physical signs of fall and had to snap a few shots. The leaves are falling, slowly, but surely. Oh how I love fall.

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