Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Road Trip

Last weekend Zach,  Zach's brother Ian, and I traveled to northern Alabama for a wedding. Zach and Ian were both groomsmen in the wedding of their childhood friend Doug.

The trip between Charlotte and Athens, AL is a long one, but luckily it is pretty scenic. I decided to try and capture some of the natural beauty along our journey.

The sun beginning to set behind the mountains

View between the trees from Water Rock Knob
Growing up, Zach and his family use to stop at Raccoon Mountain for go-carting, alpine sliding, and caving!
 Sadly it is not as exciting and not in as good of shape as it use to be.
Hilarious road-side figure
Little River Canyon and falls. Zach and I have stopped here a time or two to look at the scenery.
The rocks found here are amazing to me, so flat and smooth on the top, but sharp and jagged on the edges. I think the contrast is really beautiful.
 Reflected sky
 Z and the falls
Allie spotted this beautiful rainbow from the car.
Decatur, AL
This spectacular tree behind Friendship UMC is where Zach's dad's ashes are scattered. It's a special place for the family we always go by.
In addition to coming here, we also took a stroll down memory lane and looked through a lot of family photos while at Zach's moms. Check out some of my favs...

Little Zach with hair that is surprisingly crazier than it is now! :)
This is Zach's grandma's senior portrait. The tri-fold envelop it was framed with was totally amazing and beautiful. It's a shame photos aren't cared for and displayed the way they use to be.

Zach's mom and dad looking in on Allie the day she was born
Zach's dad and Allie adored each other. It's amazing to me how well she remembers him. I hope she always does.
My fav. We love this girl so much we could explode.

We had a great time visiting with family and friends while in Alabama. I didn't take a ton of photos during the wedding festivites, but here are a few fun ones.

The rehearsal dinner was Mexican-themed. Allie totally loved the flower hair clips, tiny maracas, and bubbles!

A pueblo cake!
And cactus cupcakes
 In addition to being a groomsmen, Zach played the reception. I am so proud of my man, his talents, and the way he loves his friends.
Allie enjoying a pixie stick from the candy bar.
Congrats Doug and Heather! We are so happy for you and wish you all the best!

Before leaving town on Sunday, we had lunch with Zach's mom. Here's Allie sportin' Uncle Ian's glasses.
This girl can rock ANYTHING. :)
I also grabbed a few quick shots of Allie and Zach near his grandparent's house. They have a beautiful flower garden that was in full bloom!

We're so glad we got to spend the weekend with Allie and family. We are blessed and I am thankful to have married into a wonderful group of people!

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