Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Pony and A Spider

So this past weekend Zach and I had the pleasure of serving with the Forest Hill Church- Rock Hill campus in Rock Hill, SC. It was the first time I had visited one of our sister campuses and I'm so glad I did! We are so proud to serve alongside some great folks in our greater church family!

After the second service ended and the staff and volunteers were tearing down the set, I chatted with a friend and watched as the staff children joyfully played in the auditorium. Then all of a sudden the kiddos started screaming at the top of their lungs and running as fast as they could down through the aisles.

Why you ask? Because Mr. George had come.

Apparently, this very popular Mr. George brings a bucket of new toys every week for the children to pick from and they were ecstatic. I mean you could have cut the joy with a knife it was so thick. Whether it was a My Little Pony or a giant spider, they rushed to show mom (and anyone standing by!) the new toy and then bounced off to play with it. I was very moved by Mr. George's generosity, but the limitless joy in the hearts and faces of those kids has been in the forefront of my mind ever since.

Why? Because it convicts me.

They were so happy, so giddy, so completely overjoyed with the idea of getting a new gift and it made me start asking myself, "Why aren't I overjoyed when my Heavenly Father gives me gifts?"

And he does. Everyday freakin day.

Why don't I squeal with excitement when there is food on my table? Food I really like and even picked out myself ? Why don't I gush joy when I get into a nice, warm, clean bed at night inside a safe and cozy house? Why don't I run at full speed with arms open wide and a huge grin on my face because God has blessed me with the most incredible husband of all time? Why don't I dance like a crazy person when God answers a prayer request?

I don't act this way because I am spoiled. I forget these are AMAZING gifts. Huge, beautiful, loving gifts from my Heavenly Father and it doesn't just stop (or start) there. God's gifts are too numerous to be counted, to great to ever fully understand. His love is overwhelming and I need to start living that way.

Lord, help me remember the pony and the spider.

Help me remember to be overwhelmed by your generosity.
Help me remember to see everything good as a gift from you.
Help me remember to fully delight in you alone!

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