Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Photo Foreshadowing

After yesterday's "how we met" post, I wanted to share another funny/ ironic story that happened about a week after we started dating. My friend Rebekah reminded me of this yesterday and it's just too good to pass up. :)

So in the summer of 2009 (prior to meeting Zach) I had made plans to have some pictures taken of me in Atlanta. I didn't have any nice photos of myself and I really wanted to document this chapter in my life- this single, independent, living the city life chapter in my beloved Atlanta. I loved the city in all it's colors and personalities and I really wanted some photos that captured this richness and diversity. I was super pumped to use my college friend Rebekah Hood of Kallima Photography to do the photos so I scheduled the shoot for mid September.

For weeks I was planning this shoot, looking for the perfect locations, planning my outfits, buying clothing, and just crafting the overall look I wanted to achieve because this was of course all about me. :) (Boy was I wrong!)

A week before the photo shoot Zach and I started dating and everything changed literally overnight. As previously mentioned our first week together was crazy. Truly a whirlwind romance and miraculous time in our life where God just made his way crystal clear. On day two of our courtship, Zach knew I was "the one" (uh...crazy!). Our love was (and is) fierce and full of emotion and passion. Zach was inspired to write three songs that week and doused me in extremely thoughtful gifts including a peacock feather headband and rockstar vintage box purse.

As the day of the shoot got closer, I started to panic about weather conditions. I did not want this long-anticipated photo shoot ruined! Zach and I spent the day before driving around town looking for some other indoor locations. He was totally my knight in shining armor solving any problem that came along and then some. Due to his connections, he got me access to a quirky, quasi-abandoned old restaurant space (sounds freaky, but it was awesome) the morning of the shoot.

As scheduled, Rebekah flew into town and the shoot went off without a hitch even though the weather was less than ideal. The rain held off though and we had a blast reconnecting and doing this creative shoot. I filled Rebekah in on all the craziness of this love story that had just begun between Zach and I and we were giddy with excitement.

A few weeks later I got the photos from Rebekah and I was stunned. Like literally in shock. Without ever appearing in any photo, there were signs of Zach and his impact on my life in almost every shot.

In the Krog Street tunnel holding the box purse given to me from Zach

In the old restaurant space Zach got me access to

Wearing Zach's crown gasoline hat

Wearing the peacock feather headband Zach gave me on our first "official" date

I now laugh at the irony of the foreshadowing. I could not believe my "single, independent girl" photo shoot had become a visual memento of our first week together and telling sign of what was to come without me even knowing it.

Now these photos hold a special place in my heart because they capture such a precious moment in our life when everything was new and changing in ways we didn't understand at the time. Instead of being just an regular life shoot, these photos have become sort of my farewell to Atlanta as I left this beautiful city as a married woman seven months later.

Thank you Rebekah for being a part of our story and for enabling me remember this time in our life forever!

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