Thursday, August 18, 2011

Give Old Try A Try

I am so so SO excited to post about our friends Micah and Marianna and their new biz Old Try.

Zach and Micah have been friends since childhood. Although their paths have led them in different places with difference faces, their brother-like friendship has lived on throughout the years.

Bostonians by residency, but southerners at heart, Micah and Marianna have combined their arsenal of creative juices and love for the south to open a very unique southern print shop for letterpress posters. 

And I totally love it. 

They truly capture the old south in a fresh new way. 

Watch their amazing video here! (Turn off music player below)

If the music on the video sounded familiar, you aren't imagining things! It's the one and only Zachary Kale singing and playing King of Leon's "Back Down South."

Micah & Marianna, I am so happy for you I could squeal like a piglet in a puddle! Seriously! We are so proud to be your friends and are excited to see where this path leads as you bring something unique and beautiful to the marketplace. 

Everyone reading this who loves the south, go to Old Try and buy a poster! You won't regret it!

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