Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dog + Goggles =

Zach and I really aren't pet people. Don't get me wrong, we like other people's pets a lot, but we just don't really care to have any of our own.

My sister is a pet-person and yesterday she posted on Facebook about some highly trained service dogs used by the Navy SEALs program. She mentioned that these dogs are equipped with $20,000 bullet proof vests, remote-controlled speakers to command the dogs, and doggles. Although the overall expense of this program is quite alarming, I could not stop thinking about the doggles because well, it's sort of ridiculous to me. Ha!

Dog goggles?! Really?! Dogs need goggles? What do cats need? Dentures?! As I started looking into these doggles I found that they are not only used by the government, but are consumer products available to improve sight for dogs with failing vision and protect them from UV rays. They also are apparently quite fashionable and hip in very affluent urban areas which makes it even more hilarious to me.

There's just something so funny about dogs having eyewear. I mean seriously?!

Our country may have crippling budget problems, healthcare problems, economy problems, growing poverty and unemployment rates, but our dogs will have doggles!!! Classic.

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