Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Coffee & Play House

I am super duper excited to post deets about the new Coffee & Play House in Decatur, AL. Zach's mom Cindy has been feverishly working on the launch of this new endeavor for months and we were so excited to see everything in person this past weekend!

Located on E Moulton St. in downtown Decatur, Coffee & Play House is half coffeehouse/ deli, half intimate music venue.

They have AMAZING sandwiches and RIDICULOUS coffee at STUPID prices. Seriously delish. We loved eating here!

Blueberry muffins
All their bread and desserts are sourced from a local Mennonite bakery and it is scrumptious!
Ranch Chicken sandwich
Vegan wrap and the best potato salad you've ever had in your life.
Assorted desserts
Really tasty iced vanilla latte that's waaay better than any Starbucks or chain coffee shop
Event signage
While we were there Allie had a BLAST helping Nana (Zach's mom) in the cafe. Oh my gosh was she all about this! We could barely drag her away from the place when it was time to leave. Ha!

Taking our order :)

I love this pic of everyone.
Cleanliness is key
Al and Nana as co-workers :)
I think it's so great for Allie to get hands-on experience in a place like this and learn about running a business (especially since she plans to open a yogurt shop one day!). Who knows, maybe Nana is hiring junior interns?! :)

Immediately adjacent to Coffee & Play House is Excalibur Vintage & Vinyl, an eclectic shop with tons of cool vintage merchandise and records. You totally need to check it out if you are near Decatur, AL! There are definitely treasures to find here.

Old suitcase
Love old typewriters
Vintage shoes
Z rocking an awesome jacket! Ha!

Cindy, we are so ridiculously proud of you (and Ronnie, Ron, etc) and all the time, energy, and love you have put into Coffee & Play House. It definitely shows and we are honored to be your family! I am so inspired by your dedication to not only the business, but to dousing those around you in love and encouragement. You are an awesome proprietor and I wish we could come here more often to enjoy the food, drink, free wifi, and fantastic company! :) We love you!

Seriously people if you are anywhere close to Decatur, AL you gotta go eat and drink at Coffee & Play House and catch an evening show! You can check our more details here on their Facebook page!

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