Saturday, July 2, 2011

Treehouse for Three

I am all about doing fun and creative things at home, especially things that turn an ordinary part of your day into something special.

Dinner time is a perfect opportunity for this type of fun since there are super easy (and cheap!) ways to turn it into real quality time with your family.

Even though costume dinner parties are a huge hit at our house, we decided to take our dinner out into the yard this week and to our beautified treehouse. Allie LOVED this and actually spent a second dinner in the treehouse with her friend Payton Friday night.

 We hung up some extra sheers on each side to make a more private and comfortable space. We also used a fallen tree branch and golden yarn to hang glass tea light holders across the ceiling.

The floor was covered with textural blankets and pillows
Al looking at the lights
 I love this pillow and wish I had a place for it in my house besides a storage box!
 Allie was so looking forward to this!

 Z and Allie enjoying their dinner in the treehouse! What did we eat? Breakfast for dinner of course! Pancakes, chicken sausage, and eggs just taste better at night!

 Climbing down...

Dinner success! Our treehouse was a great host :) If you have a treehouse or play place in the backyard I highly recommend using it in creative ways. Your kids will love it!

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