Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Tradition

Spending a week at Lake Junaluska, NC has been a family tradition of mine for decades. My mom came with my grandparents and other extended family when she was a child. As the years have passed and the family exponentially increases, the family reunion still happens as it always has.

This year was the first time Zach and Allie have been apart of this tradition and it was fun to share memories with them from my childhood and our family history with Lake J.

My grandparents adorable Lake Junaluska house was built in 1920 and it still obtains much of it's original charm and character. Z, Allie, and I stayed here with my grandparents this year.

 Due to a recent demolition across the street, we now have a lake view!
The front porch has always been a family gathering place
Walking along and jumping across the rock walls surrounding the house was always a favorite childhood activity here.
This tree in the front yard served as home base for about a thousand games of hide-and-seek.
The inside of the old house is defined by original wood paneling and country decor.
 Original molten glass windows
Many of the accessories and textiles have been made by family members, like this quilt in the guest room made by my mom.
Lake J is full of fond memories, but few things are more true Junaluska tradition than feeding the ducks on the lake. This was always a highlight for me as a child, carrying old loaves of bread down to the lake and feeding it to what seemed like millions of ducks. This year, Allie continued the tradition to the fullest which included eating half the bread before we arrived at the shore. Haha!

Allie and Zach love Lake Junaluska and look forward to many more visits here. We are so thankful we live less than 2 1/2 hours from this scenic vacation spot!

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