Friday, July 8, 2011

A Return to DP

Wow do I have a lot of catching up to do! How is it I always seem to slide a week behind? At least this week I have a good excuse. We've been on vacation with family since Sunday with limited computer access. We had a blast, but are happy to be back home again in Charlotte.

So here I go, with some updates on our adventures from last week!

Last week we went back to Discovery Place. We took Allie here in May, but she didn't get to do everything she wanted to so we went back to finish it up!

Since I gave Allie all my old drafting and drawing equipment, she has been TOTALLY into drawing floor plans left and right. Ha! Needless to say her trip to DP could not be complete without time spent building a floor plan.

Z and a broken bike. Life as we know it. Ha! :)
The body shapes aren't exactly right, but you get the point.
Almost done!
The finished floor plan of Allie's house!
Allie was really looking forward to designing some shoes out of fabric, cardboard, tape, and glue. This is such a cool exhibit at DP!

They have a bunch of really cool ones on display to inspire you as you create. Here are some of our favs!

 Not sure who these are for. Ha!
Allie hard at work!
This is actually really challenging since there are no real templates or guides. True creativity at it's finest!
 Z helping Al
The finished shoe/sock! Ha!

Zach and Allie also had fun playing with paper and wind currents. Who can beat spewing trash right?
 I love this pic of Al. Wish it was more in focus.
Al is drawn to anything wild!
Allie loves all animals even snakes!

A funny mouse
And another snake. Boo.
Beauty under the sea

We love Discovery Place! Thanks for another fun day!

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