Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Haven Boutique

I am super excited to announce that My Haven Boutique (previously the Cool Mom Boutique) has opened a location at Black Lion! (10605 Park Rd., Charlotte, NC) This boutique is completely FABULOUS and is owned by my friends Susie Weiler and Amy Weiler. They sell everything from clothing to home products. 

I ran by last week to help Susie arrange some of their awesome display pieces and furniture. Check out how adorable everything turned out!

Tops and sweaters are hung off glass door knobs on an old wooden door.

Love this dress!

Miss Me jeans piled high in the vintage pie safe

I am obsessed with this console table! Ack! So cute.

Beautiful jewelry

Statement rings
A belt buckle with bling

Some home decor

Super cute seating

If you don't live in Charlotte, but love My Haven you're in luck! You can shop online! Check it out.

I think there is a 20% off sale this weekend so go check out My Haven at Black Lion asap! I promise you will love it!

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