Saturday, July 16, 2011

It All Ends With A Party

Finally! My last vacation post! Even though I am happy to share all the deets from our trip, I am definitely looking forward to some new topics here on the blog. :)

One morning my sister and I walked around the lake and saw these GIANT flowers. So beautiful! They were at least 8 inches in diameter.
We also spent one day exploring the stores of downtown Waynesville, the nearby town. The Mast General Store is always a highlight with rows and rows of candy barrels filled with lots of treats!
My sister and I always loved getting peppermint sticks.
Here's our selection!
They also have lots of outdoor recreational gear including these Bear Grylls knives, which Allie wanted so badly. She's such a trip! And she definitely loves Bear after watching most of the Man vs Wild episodes. Maybe he sells youth-appropriate gear as well. :)
Z goofing off at the grocery store. :)
One of my all-time favorite family traditions is my grandma's homemade oreo ice cream cake. She makes it every year and I look forward to it for 364 days. It's awesome!

Allie of course LOVED the cake and got a slice two nights in a row!

Another family tradition is that all the guys play golf everyday. Zach does not play often so this year he borrowed some clubs from a friend. 

Apparently he's a natural :) Look at that form!
We also went exploring around the lake dam.
While we were there Allie and Zach saw a snake while looking for crawly creatures.
Allie loves making funny faces for the camera. She's such a ham.
July 7th is a special day for our family because it is my grandma's birthday AND Lauren, my cousin's daughter. This year was Lauren's 3rd birthday and my grandma's 83rd. Hooray for the birthday girls! We are so happy we could spend our last night at the lake celebrating with you!

Lauren's little sister Adie playing with Z. She's always so smiley. 
 The birthday cupcakes!
Yum yum! Happy Birthday Lauren!
Adie entertaining us by picking out the chocolate chips.
Our immediate fam
The girls!
Thanks everyone for a great time at the lake. See you next year!

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