Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fun with Friends

We've had gobs of fun with family and friends over the past few weeks.

Last week, Allie got to play with some church friends almost everyday. They love to build forts and tents out of anything they can find and pretend to be all sorts of characters. There is never a shortage of imagination around here. :)

One day last week Allie and her friends Emma and Annie picked some blackberries near the church. They only found eight berries, but were way more interested in the bug they caught!

Guess we won't be enjoying those berries. :)

We also spent a night grilling out with the Mokris family and Carson family. Thanks for having us over Ash and Taylor! We had a blast.

Allie playing with AG
 Zach playing with Miles!
Last Friday, Allie had a sleepover with her friend Payton. The girls had such a good time watching movies, doing art projects, playing outside, and a million other things.

As previously mentioned Allie and I had been working on a 1000 piece panoramic wolf puzzle for a week. It was really hard! We finished it Friday with the help of Zach and Payton. I'm so glad it's done!

The girls ate their dinner in the beautified treehouse and then watched a mermaid movie called Fishtales.
Playing "architect"
Zach waking up Allie after her sleepover... or trying to. :) Love them :)
Breakfast time! Who doesn't love chocolate chip pancakes?

Thanks for coming over Payton! We had a great time and Allie loves spending time with you!
We love our friends!

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