Sunday, July 3, 2011

Framed Foyer

So our crazy wallpapered foyer is finally done. Well, almost done. I'd still love a small console table in there to drop my purse on, but I am still on the hunt for that piece. :)

I used this wallpaper at my place in Atlanta. It's actually writeable paper, but I think we will leave ours blank this time. :)

View from sitting area/ piano room into hall, kitchen beyond
 I reused the crazy colorful pendant fixture we had in the Florida house.
Along the stairway, black picture frames and glass tea light holders line the wall in a random pattern.
 Looking down the stairs
 A frame of Al.
 When the candles are lit, the hall is so warm and cozy. We love it!

We are super pleased with how this turned out and I am super thankful to Z for helping me get the paper up. We used spray adhesive instead of traditional paste to ensure an easier removal when need be.

If you are interested in this awesome paper, you can find it at Graham & Brown.

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