Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Color Combos

So again, another Pinterest find. It's amazing what a network of creative, inspired, passionate people can bring to your life!

I recently stumbled across Design Seeds, a blog and book, created for sharing beautiful and unique color palettes. The designer, Jessica Colaluca, has over 16 years of experience in product design, color forecasting, and is considered a specialist in color and material selection. Since childhood, she has loved arranging colors and coordinating palettes responding to things found in everyday life. I find her work so fascinating and eye-opening to color and relationships I have never noticed myself.

If you are looking for some inspiration or are re-desiging a room at your house I highly recommend checking out her palettes. They seriously make me wanna re-do everything! (but I won't, don't worry. Ha!)

Here are a few of my favorite color combinations that I find completely gorgeous...

You can look through Jessica's entire book of design seeds on Blurb for some serious inspiration! Click here!


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