Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Big Cold Creek

While in the Great Smoky Mountains last week, we hopped over the state line and went hiking and swimming at Big Creek in Tennessee. Our family has been coming to this spot for just a few years to enjoy the great outdoors and mountain scenery.

Zach, Allie, me, and about five other family members enjoyed our day exploring the trails and swimming (or just trying to tolerate!) the frigid creek water. We hiked about 3 miles and Allie did such a great job keeping up (and even leading!) the adults. She is a true wilderness girl. :)

Nature girl :) I think this was Allie's favorite part of being in the mountains!
Big Creek is part of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The area is so dense and humid that in the summer it almost seems like a tropical rain forest or something. The ground is dark with rich, damp earth and the rocks are encompassed in bright fuzzy moss.
Branches and leaves fill about every inch of space and artistically twist and bend to reach the sunlight.
From the ground, the tree canopy looks like a stippled work of art!
This massive rock face was along our journey (see family standing below!)
 Zach, Lindsay, and Allie crossing a stream
After sweating profusely on the hike, everyone welcomed the coolness of the creek water.
 It was hard for me to submerge myself in such freezing water, but nothing, I mean NOTHING, will keep Allie from swimming. :)
Thanks Big Creek for a great time! We look forward to coming back next year and hiking the full 6 miles to the summit and back!

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