Friday, June 17, 2011

Trashy Treasure

So yesterday I had my first visit to Cline's Country Antiques and it certainly lived up to the hype! Cline's is a massive junk yard really (for lack of a better word) 45 minutes outside of Charlotte. Me and half of the children's ministry team took a trip out there to scope out some new set pieces for our refreshed elementary environment.

I cannot tell you how many acres Cline's occupies or how many objects reside here. It's truly overwhelming. All sorts of things are piled high inside barns, inside trailers, and just lying out in the grass.

Side of one of the barns
 Furniture inside barn
 Crazy, crazy piles

It's actually kind of sad because there are so many things that would be amazing, but they are completely rusted over from sitting outside like these pans.
Anyways, here are some shots of my favorite 'junklettes' as I call them... little delightful pieces of random things I would never buy, but find interesting.

Laundry/ mail cart (we actually did buy one of these for the set!)
 Clock in the yard
A burned book
 Freaky donkey things
Oh Cline's... you are fun and even though much of your inventory there certainly are diamonds in the rough to be found!

Until next time!

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