Monday, June 27, 2011

Seven-day Summary

Ack! I am behind on my blogging! Sorry friends and family. I know a lot of you use this to keep up with us regularly so my apologies for lagging behind by at least seven days. I haven't taken a ton of pics (this will improve I assure you :)), but here's what we've been up to for the past week.

Last Sunday was Father's Day. I took Z out to Mellow Mushroom, one of his favorite pizza places.

In addition to great pizza, they have fantastic hummus. We love it!

I also made Zach and true dad-day treat - peanut butter chocolate chip BACON cookies. Yes, you heard me correctly. I saw the recipe in Food Network magazine and Zach wanted to give it a go.
With a few modifications to the recipe (thanks to a few reviews and comments) they turned out pretty good. Zach liked them (and Allie too)! Hooray and yay for one of the best dad's in the world!

On Monday Allie arrived in Charlotte and we have been having a BLAST, as usual. :) Allie has loved playing with some of her friends Emma and Annie almost every day this week! They love to build forts and tree houses out of anything they can find. Here are the girls enjoying their lunch in the eclectic tent/fort!
We've also watched a few good movies, baked delicious cookies, and Allie and I have been working on a 1000-piece wolf puzzle. It is taking us FOREVER, but we are determined to finish it. Pics to come when we do. :)

We also went swimming this week at the local Y. There are 3 indoor pools and 3 outdoor pools. It's pretty intense! Allie loves to swim. She's almost part fish! Ha!
My mom and grandparents also came to visit on Saturday on their way to vacation in western North Carolina. It was great having them in town for the weekend and showing them our new home and church. We will be joining them and a ton of other family next week for our annual reunion.

We have a ton on the agenda this week so stay tuned for more summer fun and family-ness!

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