Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Prove My Love

A few weeks back Zach and I made a new and beloved friend. His name is Travis Greene and he is a gospel recording artist who has become quite near and dear to our hearts virtually overnight. :) We adore Travis and his fiance Jackie and are so thankful for our new friendship with them. We've pretty much hung out with them every weekend since Z and Travis first met.

Anyways, Travis has this song called "Prove My Love" and we love it. I mean LOVE IT. It constantly gets stuck in our head! Travis actually joined Zach this weekend to lead worship at FHC and played this song at the end. It's such a fun song that really encourages me to worship. I definitely was singing at the top of my lungs and dancing and clapping... :)

To get totally stuck on "Prove My Love" watch the video below.

(stop music player below before watching)

Thanks for sharing this song with us Travis. We are so glad you are in our life! We love you!

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