Saturday, June 4, 2011


So a friend recently introduced me to Pinterest. Ever heard of it? It's this website that allows members to create virtual collections, or "pinboards" if you will, of all the things they love.

Apparently this is not a free-for-all site since I am now on the waiting list to become a user. Ha! This might be a good thing though since I seriously could waste heaps and heaps and HEAPS of time just looking at all the lovely things on this site without actually posting anything myself.

I love it though because it inspires me so much and challenges my own creativity. Gosh there are so many beautiful places and things out there!

Here are a few of my favorite things found on Pinterest. You should check it out if you are looking for ideas or just need to feel inspired!

Spring brunch
Totally glam.
This is frozen hot chocolate and might be the best idea ever.
Most brill tissue box holder EVER.
 Sometimes I wish I had hair like this.
Balloons in lace.
I feel like this would be Al's dream bedroom. 
A gorgeous combo of style
Book stairs
I wanna go on a date with Z here!
One day I'd like to see this.
 And I'd LOVE to host or attend a party in a place like this.
 Yes please.
Such a simple idea to light up your backyard
I'll let you know if/when I ever start my own Pinterest collections!

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