Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Marvelous Moms

So the longer I am a mom and the more I am around moms the more I am in awe of moms. Completely and totally mystified by them.

Moms are amazing. Some moms I know stay at home with their babies. Some do two full-time jobs. Some are teachers. Some are photographers. Some are designers. Some are artists. Some are writers. Some are singers. Some are volunteers.

All are selfless, all are completely oozing with love for their family, all are passionate about using their God-given talents to serve their families.

Although I know many awesome moms, I must acknowledge one special mom today. Arin Guthe.

Arin -  interior designer/ graphic designer/ creative soul/ photographer/ singer/ stay at home mom of soon-to-be 4 tinys (as she calls them) completely and totally inspires me without even knowing it. Arin and her family are part of our Forest Hill family here in Charlotte. Her husband Andy is the Campus Pastor at the FHC-Rock Hill campus and we love serving beside them in ministry.

Anyways, this summer Arin started Camp Tiny, which is a weekly summer curriculum that " engages life, scripture, and the heart of a child creatively."
She's doing this each week with her own three tinys and sharing her creativity with everyone else through her site.

Each month has a theme, each week has a verse, each day has a story, an activity, and a snack that is beautifully illustrated and even includes your grocery lists and materials. She's even included ways for dads to be involved even if they are not the crafty-type.

Here are two sample pages...

Are you kidding me Arin?!!! This is amazing... It is amazing that you would create such a special thing for your family, but even more amazing that you would find the time to graphically design and organize your ideas each week so other families can do it too.

Even though I enjoy bragging on Arin, I am mostly posting this today so all my mom-friends out there can scoop up these awesome ideas even if your babes are too small to do it right now. They will be old enough before you know it and you will be ready, with materials, groceries, and activities in hand. :)

Download her pages now! There are 3 weeks of activities posted already.

Arin, I think you are incredible. Thank you for sharing your passions with the world and bringing creativity and God's Word into so many homes. You are a blessing to people you don't even know and are serving your community and God in such a unique way. Thank you!

I hope our families can hang out soon!

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