Thursday, June 16, 2011

Free for your Feet

So the time has come for me to get rid of some shoes. Not because they are old or out of style, but because I have no good use for them anymore since my days are now filled doing things like this

 in places like this
driving things like this  (a hydraulic lift with branches, aka Zaacheus' tree).

Don't worry I'm not getting rid of all my heels, but these shoes are seriously just collecting dust and I don't see an end in sight. (Slightly missing my consulting days in the ATL when I had a reason to have all these!)

Anyways, I'm getting rid of about 10 pair, but most of these are in pretty good condition and just need a good dusting. Ha!

Crown Vintage Purple Heels (leather, size 9)

Poetic License White and Brown Wedges (patent leather and suede, size 9)

Antonio Melani Brown Bow Tie Heels (patent leather with velvet bow, size 9)

Steve Madden Tan Button Strap Heels (leather with light blue fabric piping and button, size 9)

Ditto Black Heels (patent leather and suede, size 9)

Gianni Bini Brown and Gold Ribbon Heels (leather, size 9.5)

If you are interested in any of these shoes (Erin W, Lindsay K, new Charlotte friends, etc) let me know and they are yours. First come first serve! Otherwise, here I come Goodwill!


  1. IF- there is no desire before mine.. I would LOVE the Crown Vintage Purple Heels for my Emma.. she is a 7.0 ladies now at 9... you can see what I mean.. :)

  2. christy you snagged my favorite pair!!! :)

  3. Blast! My friend Erin already snagged the purple ones! I kept a few of my favorites ones just because... they are my favs, but I still don't get much use out of them. Let me know when Emma is a 9 and we'll see what my stock looks like :)