Monday, June 13, 2011

Crusin' Cool

So Zach and I like to ride bikes. Zach actually does like for real road biking (including those fancy spandex suits and shoes that clip to the pedal and all that jazz) almost everyday. He loves it, but I am not quiet that intense. :) I prefer biking on the Greenway trails so I can enjoy the scenery and not be freaked out by cars whizzing by.

Anyways, I recently stumbled across the coolest bikes ever that I totally wish we could get. I've had my bike for a few years and the frame is actually much too large so it's pretty uncomfortable. Make that MISERABLE for anything over 10 or 15 minutes. I would so love it if Z and I could get matching bikes from Republic! Check out how cool these are!

You can actually design your own bike on their website. And it's aaaamazing! Tires, rims, everything. Gosh! I wanna zoom around Charlotte on quirky custom bikes with Z!

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