Friday, May 6, 2011

Table for Four

Last Wednesday, we had another fabulous costume dinner party with Allie and her new friend Payton. Payton's mom and I work together at FHC so the girls had time to play and hang out at the church this week. I am so glad Allie already has friends in Charlotte she loves spending time with. Our FHC family is such a blessing!

Here are the girls in their costumes and characters! Allie was Elatan, a native Amazonian princess who had been kidnapped and brought to America. Payton was Cindy, the princess of England, and boy did she have an awesome English accent! We were so impressed!

 Elatan is brave and ... sorta defensive! Ha! (Allie is so proud of this picture by the way :))
But she is also sweet and gentle.
 The feather hair tie
 Sweet Cindy with her pink feather fan!

Zach was JR, a hick farmer from Alabama. I think this is the first and last time I'll ever see him in overalls. Ha! But he did a great job with his country twang and poor manners.

Here he is about to gnaw on one of our chicken kabobs!
And I was a world traveler named Sasha (pronounced 'Shashaaaa') from Russiaaaaa. My pet bird Tashaaaa lived on my crazy hat! (See red ball-like item on the left side of my hat.)

Elatan, JR (whose real name was Ashley we later found out. Ha!), and Cindy at the dinner table.
We had a blast pretending to be our different characters all through dinner and creating the most interesting stories. A big part of the game is that at some point you have to go out in public in your costume. We decided to head to Yoforia for dessert to finish up our fun night!

I think Cindy likes yogurt just as much as JR and Elatan!

Daddy-daughter love

All in all it was a super fun evening and Allie has already picked out her costume for the next one! Ha! Maybe we can do it again next week. :) Stay tuned for the next costume dinner party escapade! 

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