Monday, May 9, 2011

Squeegee Beckenheim Is Here

Last Friday I did my first super duper mom-ish thing ever. I took Allie to a surprise party for her new friend Payton. It was a blast getting to hang out with the Lindsay family and Payton's friends for the night! It makes Zach and I so happy that Allie already feels connected in Charlotte to so many people.  It's so important that she feels like she has a life here and is not just visiting ours. We are thrilled that has happened in only a matter of days. What a blessing!

Friday night was also the first time I was with other kids as "the mom" and that was slightly surreal. Ha! For those of you like me who love the show Gilmore Girls (notice the title of this post :)), I totally felt like Lorelai Gilmore the whole night! I don't know if it's because I was new, or my personality, or how Allie and I are together, or the fact I seem young, but I was met with a myriad of questions throughout the night from girls asking me if I was coming to the rink, asking if I would skate with them, asking if Allie and I were best friends as well as mother/daughter. It was funny, but I was slightly disappointed my retorts were not half as witty as Lorelai! Oh well. :)

Anyways, for the birthday, Allie painted Payton a picture of her favorite animal, the koala bear. Apparently Payton likes koalas because they can attack people. Hilarious. 

The surprising part, cake and candles, and present opening happened at the Lindsay's house prior to a caravan to the local skating rink.
Payton and Allie
Payton's new light up ring to wear at the rink!
Opening cards and presents
The cake! I heart ice cream cake. Gosh it takes me back! I always had ice cream cake at my birthday parties and it was just as awesome at 28 as it was at 8.
Getting ready to skate
The rink

It has been a HOT MINUTE since I slapped on potato skates, but it came back to me pretty quick! This was Allie's first time roller skating so Payton and I helped her along and she got pretty good towards the end!
My hip little skater
Tori, Allie, Payton, and Sam are excited to skate!
Gotta love the reverse camera feature on the iphone4! (but not the poor quality. Blast!)
Some of the girls from the party

We had a great night and Allie wants to go back soon! Hopefully we can before next Monday.

Thanks Payton/ Maria for inviting us to such a fun and important night! Happy 10th Birthday Payton!

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