Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh Snap

If it's not obvious by my style of blogging, I simply love photography. I love telling stories through photos and capturing a memory in a single frame. It's beautiful, inspiring, challenging, and something I really want to get better and better at.

There are a few photographers that really inspire me and I wanted to share them today and their breath-taking work. Some are people I know or have worked with. Others are American icons and international entrepreneurs. It's a random assortment I know, but I love them each for completely different reasons.

Here are my favorite four fabulous photographers in no particular order...

1. Richard Avedon
The New York Times put it best when they said both Avedon's fashion photography and portraits "defined America's image of style, beauty, and culture for the last half century." I saw a huge collection of his work at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art back in 2009 and it was simply incredible. His portraits capture so much detail and emotion that they don't even need captions. I particularly love his "In the American West" collection which showcases ordinary, everyday Americans in various ways of life.

Zach finds some of the images alarming and ugly, but I find them to be intriguing and captivating.

He's photographed pretty much anyone who is anyone in American culture including all American presidents during his career and a ton of other famous people from Marilyn Monroe, to the Beatles, to Andy Worhl, and so on and so on. Avedon also did a crap ton of fashion photography which is actually what began his career and what sparked his initial notoriety.

If you ever have a chance to see his work in person, take it because it is seriously larger than life and overwhelmingly dramatic.

2. Ciril Jazbec
I'm not 100% sure how you pronounce his name, but I love this young Slovene photographer. Although most of his work is commercial photography, his personal portfolios are by far my favorite. The way he captures life through color, clarity, and expression is truly inspiring to me.

3. Rebekah Hood of Kallima Photography
Even though Rebekah and I both grew up in the same small Floridian town, our paths first crossed at FSU back in 2001. I have seen her photography evolve, grow, and flourish over the past few years and it is truly stunning. I used her back in 2009 for a personal shoot in Atanta, but her wedding coverage is STUPID BEAUTIFUL. I love the emotion she captures and how every wedding, big or small, looks like it belongs in a magazine. I can barely pick out my favorite shots of her work (because pretty much everything is gorgeous), but here are a few I love.

Love you Rebekah and all you do. Your images not only make me feel like I attended all these glamorous weddings, but you encourage me as an amateur photographer. If any of you out there are engaged and looking for a wedding photographer, don't miss the chance to book Rebekah.

4. Ally Powell of Ravyn Art
I've only known Ally for about a year now, but her photography has impacted me greatly. She did some shots of Z and I in Florida last fall (like the one with our bio at the top of this page) and she is seriously one of the most creative, talented photographers out there. Her unique perspective and amazing detail and texture make her images so powerful while maintaining a delicate quality. Here are a few shots I love due to their incredible creativity and texture.

This is paint :)

Ally is passionate about fashion photography and also does great product photography and beautiful weddings. Please contact her for any of your photography needs. You won't regret it.

I am hoping she can do a really creative family shoot for us this summer that is unlike any family photography out there. Stay tuned. :)

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