Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Not So Lazy Ranch

On Friday Zach and I took Allie to the Lazy Five Ranch just north of Charlotte. Honestly there are no words to describe the experience of this unique animal park. I am pretty sure this is as close as you can get to an African safari type experience without actually going to Africa! And BONUS: you actually get to be really, really close and feed the animals! The animals you will find at Lazy Five include cattle, horses, sheep and goats, deer and elk, giraffes, a rhino, kangaroos, pigs, camels and llamas, many different types of birds, porcupines and tortoises. It's incredible.

Again, I took a ton of photos and could not resist posting all these to fully document our experience. Remember... our camera has a prime lens (no zoom) so we are really that close to all the animals. It's nuts!

Enjoy our exciting adventure at the ranch!

Zach and Allie in the bamboo
We love peacocks

Goats, I can't remember what kind
I think cacti is pretty

Ostrich attitude
The GIANT horses getting ready to pull the wagon
Yes, that little baby goat is in a pan.
And this one looks like a puppy
Excited to feed the animals on the wagon ride!

On the wagon
All through the property animals come straight up the wagon without hesitation! Some animals you can feed by hand and some straight from the bucket. It's crazy how large these animals are when you are right next to them.

A full wagon

All lined up.
Ready to feed some animals!

Water buffalo
Water buffalo surrounding the wagon in front of us
Instagram pic from Z's iphone.
Eyeing Allie's bucket

Allie having the time of her life
Please come eat out of Allie's bucket!

Can you see the rhino?

Allie's hand out
 Zach's hand out
The crazy (and humongous) white bull. This was Zach and Allie's favorite animal at the ranch.
"Why hello little girl. I see you have a delicious bucket there."

So the bull was obviously unhappy with the amount he was getting from Allie and Zach so he just came up onto the wagon and starting scooping up everything on the floor!

Camels. Watch out they spit.


Baby donkey. I bet he likes waffles too.

Lily pads are pretty.
And so is Allie.
Crazy lemurs!
So after our wagon ride we drove through the ranch in the car and fed some animals again. These zebras are seriously right up on this SUV!
And our car!
Feed me!
 I think this llama ate an entire bucket of food from this van.

Amazing eyes.
Allie feeding the water buffalo from the backseat!
We loooove the Lazy Five Ranch and recommend it to everyone living in Charlotte! No zoo can compete with this place! Lazy Five is where it's at!!!

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