Monday, May 16, 2011

The Music Man and Daughter

Sometimes I forget how special it is to be married to a musician. And not just any musician - a worship leader. My house is constantly filled with music, singing, and instrument playing to glorify God.

Allie, like Zach, is drawn to music and instruments. She always finds her way to the piano or picks up the mandolin in my office. Lately I have been noticing that anytime Zach starts singing she joins in and sings along. It is a really beautiful thing actually, especially because it's usually a worship song Zach is rehearsing for the upcoming weekend.

Anyways, Zach and Al love to play together and I do my best to capture those sweet moments.

He always keeps her laughing
 Watching daddy's hands

Zach recently picked up the trumpet again. Many of you don't know that trumpet is actually Zach's primary instrument, the only one he would say he plays really well. (The truth is he plays everything well, but is stupid good at the trumpet.) Anyways, he just got a new trumpet and already sounds like Chris Botti.  Ha! Anyways, here's the dynamic duo making music. The computer on the piano is playing a hot beat, Allie is workin' the keys, and Z is doing his thing on the horn.

AHH. I love it. Listening to them create together, use their gifts together, and just... goof around together is a blessing. Daddy-daughter love is a beautiful thing.

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